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Hangzhou Boiler Group - HRSG, Boiler, Steam Generator

Hangzhou Boiler Group. Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd. is a China based company engaging in the engineering & fabrication of boiler, pressure vessel and environment protection equipment as well as energy saving (waste heat recovery steam generators) equipments.

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SUPCON Delingha 50 MW Tower | Concentrating Solar Power

Hangzhou Steam Turbine Company China Turbine Model: N50-13.2/540/540 Power Cycle: Steam Rankine Power Cycle Pressure (Bar) 132 Turbine Efficiency Percent: 0.43 Steam Generator System Manufacturer: Hangzhou Boiler Group China

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Nuclear Power for Electrical Generation

In the turbine, the steam passes through the blades, which spins the electrical generator (C), resulting in a flow of electricity. After leaving the turbine, the steam is converted (condensed) back into water in the condenser (D). The water is then pumped (E) back to the boiler (F) to be reheated and converted back into steam.

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